I'm Like...A Blogger / by Mason O'Sullivan

It never ceases to amaze me, how people with little power, turn it into something they think is bigger than both themselves, and the people they are belittling. I don't care how many followers you have, or how many people your "blog" influences, if you can't recognize the simple fact that the establishment at which you're trying to pull strings and skip the line at, treats all their customers with the same common decency and respect, than take your damn poodle, tacky yellow-bedazzled-skull shirt, and get the fuck out lady!

Second of all, for someone who is a "foodie," if you can't wrap your head around the fact that you've changed the number of people in your party, and have a dog, thus causing your wait to be longer on a Sunday Brunch rush...puff your fake lips and walk the opposite direction.

As of this moment, your dog has been the only one out of your motley bunch of assholes that has shown any decency; that's from fucking licking my shin! Go be "Like so over it," somewhere else. Because frankly, we don't want you and your fourth grade vocabulary level here. Please, by all means though, go blog about it.

I'd like to write more about the matter, but like, ya know I'm just done...like so over it honestly.

If you want to dine somewhere where you're treated with kindness, there's quality food, and  genuine customer service in an authentic environment, I highly recommend "The Little Next Door" in West Hollywood. I promise, you won't be so over it.