Born and raised in Virginia, a mix of Southern Charm,  Irish, German, and Cherokee descent. It was clear at a young age that he loved to create worlds, and bring the people within them to life. His mother and father always encouraged him as a kid to never be ashamed of how creative you can be, and what it means to work hard to foster that creativity.  

After high school, he attended George Mason University. There he earned his Bachelor's in Film and Video Studies, with a concentration in Screenwriting, and a Minor in Theater. During his years at university, he earned his first lead in Kenneth Lonergan's, This Is Our Youth, as Warren. A frequent visitor of New York City, he continued to hit the illustrious pavement and audition, while furthering his craft at The Stella Adler Studio of Acting. He now resides in Los Angeles, and is most known for Heart, Baby! (2018), Under My Skin (2019), and Cella (2015). 

And yes, it was as equally awkward for me to have to write about myself as it was to read it. Thank you for your time!